In most businesses, you would never list your competitors on your website. When it comes to child safety, there are no competitors, we are all one solid team doing everything we can to protect our children. In addition to Online Kid Cop, please visit these other sites for more information. As with every educational opportunity, the more ources you learn from, the better.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has an amazing website with tons of useful information broken down by their role meaning parents, educators, law enforcement and different age groups for children. The site is filled with topics and quick reference sheets. To visit them, go to

Enough is Enough and their sister site Internet Safety 101 is an online advocacy group that is on the front lines of promoting laws to help protect our children. Their site is filled with helpful tips and should be a great asset. Their website is

Screen Retriever, an innovative program to monitor children’s internet activity for parents, has created a great blog with useful information on several subjects. To visit them go to