Should My Child Have Their Own Apple ID?

Those who own iPhones and Macs know the importance of an Apple ID. This ID helps sync everything from contacts, pictures, apps, music, email and more. Although this is such an integral part of the user experience, the role of it is often confused with other identifying features.  While this can have an effect regarding […]

Social Media and Online Safety Contract

Most of us deal with contracts in our daily businesses, but few of us have ever thought of using them with our children. While verbal rules are often effective, it is a good idea to have a written contract of what is acceptable online behavior for your child. Consider adopting or formulating an age appropriate […]

Acceptable Social Media Postings

In the world of social media, children often have the difficulty in evaluating what is acceptable both online and offline. Due to this blur in judgement, they often post anything that comes to mind or they think is funny without stopping to think first before posting. While it could be argued that online behavior should […]

Will The Government Help Protect My Kids?

When you ask most parents what comes to mind when they hear the word COPPA, if they are my age, they think of the Barry Manilow song Coppa Cabana. Fast forward several years into a new generation, and we now have a new COPPA. This new COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This […]

Your Child Is Only As Safe As Their Friends

After taking every bit of training that Online Kid Cop provides to parents along with other sources, it would be easy to think parents have completely protected their children from most online dangers. The fact is they have not. Even with the most effective training, common dangerous mistakes can be eliminated which provides an amazing […]

Detecting “Ghost” (Hidden) Apps On A Phone

This morning on the Today Show, there was a story called “How teens are hiding photos, more with ‘ghost apps’ — and what to do about it.” This is a growing topic within the online safety community due to ability of children to hide apps from their parents. After the article was posted, it was […]

App Review – Our Pact Parental Controls

Parents who want to have easy access to control their children’s iPhone usage now have a great way of accomplishing this with a new app named Our Pact. This free app uses a method known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) which allows parents to control their children’s phones remotely. Before we discuss the features and […]