App Review – Our Pact Parental Controls

Parents who want to have easy access to control their children’s iPhone usage now have a great way of accomplishing this with a new app named Our Pact. This free app uses a method known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) which allows parents to control their children’s phones remotely. Before we discuss the features and functionality of this app, allow me to review the different levels of controls for iPhones.

Controls for iPhones can cover a multitude of behaviors from mobile device addiction to inappropriate behavior to improper usage times and much more. At Online Kid Cop, we only support the control methods that do not require the user to “jailbreak” the phone. This technique overrides the built in system software to allow functions not normally allowed within the IOS system software.

The next method of control for iPhones is what Our Pact accomplishes – Mobile Device Management. This type controls usage within the confines of the existing system. While this app does not regulate as many behaviors as some of the more complex systems that require a jailbreak, it does provide parents with an easy way to regulate the times their child is active on their devices.

Our Pact is extremely easy to set up. The first step is to download the app on the parents phone and set up the account. Next, login to your account on the child’s device and follow the easy directions. Our video below helps walk you through this set-up process. Once set-up is complete, create the time controls for your child. The first option is to program the times to block their access. Feel free to be as detailed as you would like. The second option is to grant access immediately. This function is used when your child is normally blocked, but you would like to grant them access. This could be when you are on vacation, school holidays, or any other reason you would like to override the scheduled time blocks. This override feature allows you to grant access for a specific time or to grant it until you revoke it. The final option is to block access immediately. This function can be used when the child’s phone normally is not being blocked, but for whatever reason, the parent wants to immediately restrict access.

As simple and easy as Our Pact is, it does come with some limitations. First, it lacks the one feature that would make this a parents dream app – a way to control the total number of minutes a child can be on their phone. I have suggested this feature to them, and Our Pact is working to implement it although there is not a firm release date set. Second, the time a phone is used for Mobil Device Management, it “buckets” the apps in alphabetical order on the phone being managed. This means if your child likes to arrange their apps in specific folders, the app will remove them from the folders and list them in alphabetical order. This only happens on the phone being managed and not on the parents phone. The final limitation is what it can not block – actual phone usage, texting, and a few other built in apps found on the iPhone.

I think you will find regardless of some of the limitations, Our Pact is user friendly easy app that will help restrict most of the usage of your child’s phone. For additional restrictions, please see our articles on using your cell phone providers methods, WIFI router controls, and the built in restriction section on your child’s iPhone.